Thaiboxing (NL: thaiboksen) is based on the traditional martial art Muay Thai which has been practiced in Thailand for a long time.  Muay Thai is sometimes referred to as the “Science of the Eight Limbs” because it trains strikes with both hands, elbows, feet and knees. Furthermore, Muay Thai has developed a highly sophisticated clinch system. Therefore, Muay Thai is far more complex than European boxing or American kickboxing.

Modern Thaiboxing (NL: thaiboksen) differs in some aspects from traditional Muay Thai. The focus is less on the spiritual and ritual traditions of the Thai (e.g.  Wai Khru dance, ritual clothing). In order to allow everybody to participate in the training some dangerous techniques like elbow strikes to the head have been taken out. The use of modern safeties significantly reduces the risk of injuries during sparring. Utilizing on the knowledge and experiences of European boxing more powerful hand striking techniques have been incorporated. In consequence, Thaiboxing became more adapt to the western mentality. Today it is a sport that can be practiced by  everybody who wants to learn quick and easy self defense techniques or who likes to improve his/her physical fitness.

Training at Rings of Glory is based on modern Thaiboxing. Our members are differentiated into three different groups 

          1.   Children (from 6 to 15 years)

          2.   Adults (over 15 years)

          3.   Competitors (only very advanced students)

A heavy focus lies on body conditioning in order to promote the level of physical fitness and toughness. Training lessons normally start with a warming up of running, shadowboxing and abdominal exercises.  This is followed by intensive muscle stretching. During the main part of the lesson we train techniques with our partner using thai pads, punch mitts and safeties which allow to practice in a realistic manner without the risk of getting injured.  Training sessions normally end with some sparring where both partners execute techniques in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Out instructors pay special attention to properly pairing up our fighters and to preparing beginners carefully.

The quality of a training session depends heavily on qualified and experienced instructors and the availability of adequate training equipment. We at Rings of Glory put a special emphasize on the thorough selection of our instructors. They should not only have the required skills and knowledge of their martial art but also the ability to teach and mentor ou students. We also use a large arsenal of training equipment to facilitate the lessons, including but not limited to sand bags, speed balls, double end balls, a boxing ring, body vests, punch mitts, thai pads, helmets and kicking pads.  Out fitness training will be supported by medicine balls, gymnastic balls, dumb bells, kettle bells, ropes and weights.

We invite everybody to participate in cost free test lessons. So far we have members between from 6 to 50 years of age, male and female, beginners, intermediates and competitors!