Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport based on the combination of techniques from a wide variety of disciplines, like thaiboxing, boxing, karate, wrestling, sambo, judo, shoot wrestling and (Brazilian) jiu-jitsu. MMA rules allow the use of both striking as well as grappling techniques. The fight begins in the standing position but may also be continued on the ground. The nature of these rules allows for a fair and realistic competition of martial artists of all different styles. 

MMA became famous with the spectacular events of the Ultimate Fighting Challenge (UFC) using an octagon cage. The UFC was founded in 1993 by members of the Gracie family, famous practitioners of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). Brazil had a long tradition of mixed-style fighting events called Vale Tudo (“everything goes”). These dangerous events had limited rules but they shaped the evolution of Brazilian martial arts like BJJ and luta livre (Brazilian freestyle wrestling). A second origin of today’s MMA is Japan where different tournaments had been held since the late 1980s. The most famous events in Japan were Shooto and Pride. The Japanese events had slightly different rules compared to the UFC and they were usually held in a ring instead of a cage. 

Some great MMA competitors had a strong background in one discipline, like Royce Gracie in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Randy Couture in Greco-Roman wrestling, Ken Shamrock in freestyle wrestling, Fedor Emilianenko in sambo or Karo Parisyan in judo. However, all successful competitors need to be well-rounded in at least three disciplines:

          1.   boxing, karate or thaiboxing (NL: thaiboksen) for strikes

          2.   wrestling (NL: worstelen), judo or sambo for clinches, takedowns and positioning on the ground

          3.   Brazilian jiu-jitsu, luta livre, sambo or shoot wrestling for submission techniques

Therefore, current MMA training cannot be limited to only one or two disciplines. Everyone who wants to become effective in MMA needs to train strikes, clinches, takedowns, positioning and submission techniques.

Mixed Martial Arts at Rings of Glory is mainly based upon thaiboxing (NL: thaiboksen), luta livre, judo and jiu-jitsu which allows our students to gain knowledge and skills in all relevant areas. Our training has a strong grappling focus which makes it an ideal complement to the thaiboxing classes. Our sessions usually start with some running for warmin up combined with basic techniques such as punches, kicks, sprawls, pummeling drills and fundamental ground moves. A special focus lies on learning precise techniques and tactics. Due to the slower nature of the ground fight grappling becomes very tactical and technical. Many refer to grappling as the "chess of martial arts".