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Luta Livre

Luta Livre is Portugues for "free wrestling" or "free fight". It describes a freestyle wrestling system which emerged in Brazil during the 20th century. On the first look it seems to mbe very similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with one major difference: all training is done without a Gi ("Kimono"). Like BJJ the origin of Luta Livre was the idea to prepare oneself for "Vale Tudo", an early form of Brazilian MMA. Luta Livre offers the grappling background for the often brutal and very realistic Vale Tudo matches of the early years. The differences to BJJ - besides the gi - are the higher speed in Luta Livre. Fighters are used to attack and defend with a higher pace as no gi can slow their movements down. Luta Livre has also put a higher emphasis on techniques like the guillotine, the arm triangles, takedowns and leg locks. These techniques have rarely been used by BJJ practitioners until the 1990s. Luta Livre has been influenced by Catch as Catch can wrestling and the classic olympic wrestling. Of course there has also been a mutual echange of knwoledge between BJJ and Luta Livre throughou recent years.

We at Rings of Glory have been influenced by Luta Livre through Tobias, our grappling instructor. He started training Luta Livre under Björn Lagerstöm in 2002 and received his purple belt in 2011 by Alexandre Franca "Pequeno" Nogeira (2nd degree black belt). Alexandre "Pequeno" was for more than 5 years in a row world champion in professional Shooto. During a longer training stay in Rio de Janeiro in 2009 Tobias trained with Pequeno, Daniel D-Dane and their master Eugenio Tadeu (5th degree black belt) who is legend due his success in early Vale Tudo fights (1980s and 1990s). The pictures below show Tobias with Tadeu and Pequeno.

With PequenoWith Eugenio Tadeu